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Off the Record

Bayville :: X-Men: Evolution RPG
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Welcome to our attempt at roleyplaying X-Men: Evolution. This RPG will be set after Season One, making anything after it completely AU (Alternate Universe.) You are more than welcome to apply for a character that was introduced during Seasons 2 + 3, and introduce them in your own way, into Evo's world. No original characters at this time, please. We do have one original character, but this character is under mod control, and is used in the plot we have designed.

We are going to ask that you apply for your part, which really isn't that hard, promise. All we ask is:

01. Your Name:
02. Age*:
03. E-Mail:
04. Character You'd Like:
05. Second Choice:
06. Two Example Entries (One for each person):
07. Brief Histories**:
08. Character personalities:

* We ask age because there is slash and sometimes adult content.
**If you are a main cast member, you can talk about pre-Evo life.

Send the applications to: bayvillerp@yahoo.com.

Rules & Regulations

1. Characters must have individual livejournals which must be updated at least every five days, either private or public, but out of 3 entries, one must be public so other characters may interact with that character. If you're going away or the like, discuss it with a moderator, and that will be okay. The first offense is a warning, the second is termination of membership.

2. Players are limited to two characters. Under special circumstances, however, more will be allowed. This is to allow more player participation, rather than limiting the characters.

3. There are 5 communities related to this, and the character will be a member of all. Three are locations, really. Here are the four communities:
a) bayville - anything outside the institute and the brotherhood's pad. Examples are the pizza joint, the cyber cafe, the bridge, Bayville High, etc.
b) thexinstitute - going-ons at the Institute, primarily X-men action, but if the Brotherhood show up, it would be here.
c) _brotherhood - ditto, but primarily Brotherhood action, any actions where the brotherhood reside at the time would occur here.
d) bayvilleooc - the Out of Character community
e) evoplottalk - a place to discuss storylines and plot ideas

4. All major plot ideas should be discussed with the mods and other characters that could play important roles.

5. OOC comments on character's livejournals should be put behind an lj-cut and should be relative to post or player's status (like, if you were going on vacation or any plans for your character). However, consider the OOC community before doing this.

6. This RPG is slash-friendly. If it bothers you, this may not be the RP for you. If you want it, find out which characters swing that way, or something, and talk to the player.

7. Any concerns should be discussed with the moderators in a non-public forum. Suggestions are welcome as well.

A story-arc is under final development. But that doesn't mean we won't consider stuff for future plots. After all, this storyline approaching will only last for as long as it does. And what after? So if you have plot ideas, please contact us. Also, we are still only in characterization at this point, exploring and getting a feel for the characters. The plot has a while to take effect.

This RPG is set up live action and journal style. Posts in bayville, thexinstitute, and _brotherhood will be the live action, and there is an option if you want to do logs (chat rpg) instead. Talk to DangerMouse about details.

AOL Instant Messenger name is required to rpg as well. Make a name at aim.com.

X-Men: Evolution Season One Transcripts


mrlogan - Logan [Wolverine]
daddy_mags - Erik Lensherr [Magneto]
profx_ - Professor Charles Xavier

red_eye - Scott Summers [Cyclops]
evokitty - Kitty Pryde [Shadowkat]
evo_elf - Kurt Wagner [Nightcrawler]
berzerkerpunk - Ray Crisp [Berzerker]
burningwords - St. John Allerdyce [Pyro]
too_many_of_me - Jamie Madrox [Multiple]
evodrake - Bobby Drake [Iceman]
sonic_meltdown - Tabitha Smith [Boom Boom]
lavametender - Amara [Magma]

The Brotherhood
lance_alvers - Lance Alvers [Avalanche]
evo_pietro - Pietro Maximoff [Quicksilver]
fred_dukes - Fred Dukes [the Blob]
toadman - Todd Tolensky [Toad]

ristthis - Risty [Mystique in disguise]
jeera - Jeera McClardy [OC - Freddy's fiance]
the_morlocks - The Morlocks [A rather silly journal]
bayville_times - The Bayville Times [Local News Source]

Characters on Reserve:
None at this time.

Characters Needed:
myskinkills - Rogue
beastevolved - Hank McCoy [Beast]
evojean - Jean Grey
toomanybrambles - Ororo Munroe [Storm]
dakinesummers - Alex Summers [Havok]
gambitevolution - Remy LeBeau [Gambit]
evospyke - Evan Daniels [Spyke]

Characters Open:
Any Evolution characters, mutant or human, are open to be applied for. Want to be Duncan? Okay! Want to be some random kid mutant hanging out in the background at the Institute? Sounds great! However, the character must be an X-Men: Evolution character. We are no longer allowing comic characters into the game. Thanks!

dangermouse42 (aim: toadman042)