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Emily Beth wants to RP... so here is an open post

Ray had had enough!! Being stuck in the mansion and only leaving to go to school was taking its toll on him. He was insanely bored and sick of doing home work and training in the Danger Room all day long. Plus Logan seemed to be watching him like a hawk and it was really getting on his nerves. If Ray didn't leave now, he was going to electrocute anything that stood in his way. So he quietly made his way out the door, down the driveway and to the road. Freedom at last!!! Feeling great, Ray turned and began to head toward town.

After about twenty minutes of walking, Ray finally reached his destination. It was a small coffee shop he had seen a few weeks back but had never gotten the chance to visit. Smiling, Ray opened the door and all but ran to the counter. He placed his order (a cup of basic black coffee), paid the cashier and made his way to the comfy looking couches by the front window. He sat down and picked up the local paper, wondering what kind of anti-mutant news would be in it today.
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