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Transcript from the Bayville Radio Station KVET on Wednesday, November 12th.

"It's time for your KVET News briefs. Our top story: At ten o'clock this morning, the President of the United States declared that Sacramento and all surrounding suburbs are under a State of Emergency. A pro-mutant protest that began at the steps of the California Capital building yesterday turned violent late last night. The National Guard has been deployed to the area and has reportedly begun making arrests of mutant instigators. Local law enforcement, not having the resources to contain individuals with these sorts of powers, had turned all policing duties over to the military. Mutants are being held in custody at military bases until their status can be determined."

"Wow, Sherry, this makes, what, two riots now?"

"Actually, three, Bob. San Francisco, Boston, and now Sacramento. Although, this one is said to be the worst so far. The White House released a statement this morning saying that this sort of rioting will not be tolerated and that they are prepared to take swift action to contain the mutant threat. The terror level has been raised and airports are being guarded for fear that these mutants may pose a threat to National Security."

"Whew. The world sure has changed, Sherry. Well, why don't we open up the phone lines and see what our listeners out there have to say about this. Hello, KVET, you're on the air."

"Hello Bob! Hello Sherry! This is Muriel. Long time listener, first time caller."

"Good Morning, Muriel. So, what do you think about this whole mutant thing?"

"Well, Bob, I think the government should have stepped in long before this. These people are dangerous. What if they're in our schools? Teaching our children? Our children have to be kept safe."

"I hear that. Hello, KVET. You're on the air."

"Hey, this is James. I don't see why we have to wait for them to start tearing a city apart before we get them locked up."

"So what do you think we should do, James?"

"Sherry, I think the whole country is under a state of emergency. I say we get the Army and the National Guard to sweep through our cities and get these mutants under control and out of the way. Lock 'em up in a desert in Nevada for all I care, just so long as they're not out and about walking the streets."

"Seems to be a common sentiment. Okay, we have time for one more caller. Hello, KVET."

"My so-called son's one of them freaks."

"... really? Well, this is interesting. What are your opinions on the matter, sir?"

"The kid's disgusting. He's a little monster. I should have drowned him at birth, saved me and mine a lot of trouble. We should wipe these freaks off the face of the earth. There ain't no sense in keepin' them around."

"I don't know if I'd go that far, but thanks for calling in. Well, we had quite a lively discussion this morning, didn't we Sherry?"

"We sure did, Bob. Now, onto other news. Rumors are flying that J-Lo and Ben may be setting a new wedding date and..."
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