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"We interrupt this station's regular programming to bring you a FOX News Update. As of one hour ago, the National Guard has been deployed to the Boston area to control a riot that began this morning at the Massachusetts Workforce Commission. Several mutants, in protest of the Mutant Screening Act, which was signed into law by the White House last week, began a demonstration against the screening which gives employers the right not to employ mutants in their workforce. The protest turned violent, when a group known as The Human Right began a counter protest and both sides clashed. Fires are burning all over the Boston Area and the violence has begun spreading throughout the city. The President has declared a State of Emergency and is due to make an announcement this evening at 6pm, Eastern Standard Time. All residents of the Boston area are encouraged to stay calm and remain in their homes and the major roadways leading into the city have been blocked to prevent further disruption. The National Guard has begun arresting all mutants suspected of... *click*"

Todd scowled at the radio, taking his fingers off the power button and walking back across the senior art room. The room was empty and he was currently organizing some of the supplies for Art I at Mrs. Littlefield's request, all too happy to help her out. His studio felt oddly small and confining today and he didn't want to spend any long amount of time in there. There had been too many small spaces in his life the past couple of days.

"Getting' closer," Todd murmured, casting a dark look over at the radio again before turning back to the new box of paint supplies. He slid the box open with a pair of scissors, taking out the fresh, clean bottles that would be splattered with paint in two days time. He dragged the box over to the supply closet and carefully began organizing the supplies neatly. They wouldn't stay that way long, but that really wasn't the point.

"Idiots." Todd put a bottle down harshly on the table. Starting trouble wasn't going to help the mutant cause at all, didn't they see that? True, it had started out as a peaceful protest, but it took at least two sides to fight. There were better ways - there had to be better ways. "We're all gonna get killed," Todd said softly under his breath.

The door to the art room flew open and Todd jumped and turned around, startled more easily than usual. He relaxed as soon as he saw who it was, standing up a little straighter. He wiped his dusty hand on his jeans.

"Hey, 'tro," Todd said, giving the older boy a warm smile. "Here for your sister?"
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