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The art room

This was the day, Kurt thought excitedly. This was the day that he needed to bring the thing. The thing that he'd waited til the last day to bring, in fear that he might lose it. Todd had told him that today they were going to finish his painting, and he needed to come by during lunch with the necklace his mother had given him shortly before leaving for America.

Gingerly he removed the small, green velvet box from the stand next to his bed and opened it, inspecting the item glinting inside with a toothed grin. It was perfect, just like when his mother had given him. Not a scratch or scuff on it. Carefully he shut the box and slid it into the front pouch of his bag before heading out to catch a ride to school from Scott. Hey, showing up in a bright red car sure beat the bus. And the company wasn't too bad, either.

Shaking his head, Kurt decided it was definitely not a good idea to think until he got to school. Thinking about things like that were only likely to depress him, and Kurt hated being depressed.

His morning classes went without a hitch - turned in his homework, listened to his teachers lecture verbatim from the textbook they'd chosen to teach from that year, got his new homework assignment and headed towards his next class. The daily grind.

Finally the lunch bell rang, and Kurt smiled happily as he tossed his texts into his locker and headed down to the art wing, waving at random classmates in the hall and making vague commitments to things he probably should've been paying attention to. Reaching the correct door, he entered and smiled at the art teacher behind the desk near the right-hand corner of the room. She'd become used to seeing Kurt come in and out as Todd had needed him to come in. He'd contact Kurt and say he needed him to stand like so, hold up his tail while he inspected how the fur ran off it, get a feel for how his hips were shaped and how his arms angled naturally.

Grabbing the velvet box from his bag and opening it, Kurt checked for the millionth time that day to make sure the item wasn't in any way damaged. Kurt knew full well that the door was locked most of the time and always felt like he was walking into Todd's house when he went into that tiny room. One didn't just enter another's living space - it was rude. Satisfied that his necklace wasn't damaged, he walked to the back door and gave it a firm knock.
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