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The not-date

Pietro was not nervous.

Nor was he giddy.

Because he was not about to go on a date.

Dates did not usually consist of sneaking out of school in order to go eat lunch at... somewhere that was not school. Date consisted of flowers and awkwardness and shy kisses at the end of the night.

So it wasn't a date. Because there wasn't going to be any of the date-like things. Maybe some awkwardness, but that was to be expected, right? And maybe there would be some kissing (or a lot, if Pietro had any say in it) but it wouldn't be shy because, well, they had gotten past that part.

Though, really, Pietro wasn't sure if heated making out in an elevator counted as a 'shy first kiss.'

So. As it had been stated many times, Pietro and St. John were not dating. And they were not about to go on a date. And therefore, Pietro was not giddy and nervous. He was, however, restless.

He checked his watch. Checked the clock. Looked at the chalkboard to see if he had missed anything in the last ten seconds. Checked his watch. Tore a small scrap of paper from his notebook. Wadded it into a ball. Threw it at the back of Risty's head. Looked forward again, completely innocent when Risty turned around to glare in his general direction. Checked his watch. Pulled his wallet fromhis back pocket. Took out the money there and counted it.

He figured that $75 would be more than enough money for whatever they decided to eat. Maybe a little too much, really, but having a little cash was never a bad thing. Pietro silently thanked all of the people who had kindly 'donated' to his cause today. Of course, they had not known that they were donating when Pietro had lifted five dollars here, ten dollars there from various people... But what they didn't know wasn't going to hurt Pietro, right?

He checked his watch again. Threw another paper ball at Risty. Tossed one at Rogue just for good measure. Checked his watch again.

Ooh, look! It was time for the bell to ring!



Pietro yawned. Glared at the clock.


Hah! Glaring worked! No doubt the bell had been intimidated by him.

Pietro shoved his things into his backpack and stood quickly, pulling the straps over his shoulder. He twitched slightly and shifted from foot to foot a few times while he waited for St. John to finish packing his things up.

He wasn't nervous though. Because it wasn't a date.
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