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Girl's Night Out

The Bayville shopping center (whatever it may be called) is currently occupying two young girls, who, taking a day to ignore the rest of the world, have magnificent plans to deplete their funds as much as they can.

It's Friday night, what else can you except two teenage girls to do?

Kitty holds up a bright red top up to her chest, quickly taking inventory of her coloring in the mirror. Okay, so this brings out my eyes but makes my skin look kinda pale, but they'd be so awesome with those pants I bought a month ago and never did anything with, and, besides, pale skin is kinda in! Okay, if you're Rogue or something . . . She makes a face, very concerned. Because there was an enticing tank top a few racks over . . . Of course, did she really need a tank top? I mean, summer did end a few months ago.

Frustrated, she turns to Jean. "Ugh . . . Do think this would be worth it?" she says, holding out the shirt for Jean to see. "Or is it, like, really ugly and just wouldn't look good on me at all?"
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