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Jamie likes people. (Monday after school)

"Bye, guys! See you tomorrow!" Jamie waved happily as he parted ways with his friends. Carefully he made his way to the front of the high school, smiling to himself. It wasn't every seventh grader that got to ride home with the older kids. Jamie was going to miss getting free rides once the junior high was finished with the asbestos cleaning. He was pretty sure that it was supposed to be finished in about a week.. but he could enjoy it while it lasted, right?

Not many people were hanging around outside; mostly students waiting for their rides or simply hanging out because they could. That was, Jamie thought, a good thing. Easier to avoid people. Not that Jamie didn't like people... he just didn't like getting bumped while he was around people. Jamie getting bumped meant Jamie making lots of himself, and that was never a good thing when he was away from home.

Blue eyes scanned the parking lot for the familiar red convertable... Just in time to see it pulling out of the lot and driving off.


Jamie wanted to kick something, but there was nothing around to kick. Instead, he cursed.

"Damn it!"

Oh yeah. That felt good.

He looked around again, and finally spotted an older boy standing next to a green Jeep. A very cool-looking Jeep. And the guy looked nice enough. Jamie made his way over to the Jeep and cleared his throat, attracting the older boy's attention. "Hi! Uhm, my ride left me and I don't know anyone else, but you look like a really nice guy and your Jeep is really really cool, so do you think you might be able to take me home because I don't live very far, just in that big mansion right over there," he pointed in the general direction of the mansion.

He grinned brightly, "Oh yeah! My name is Jamie! Hi!"
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