Bobby Drake (evodrake) wrote in bayville,
Bobby Drake

In the Art Wing

Bobby walked into the art wing and set down his book bag. Hrm. . . no one was there, which was unusual for after school. He went to his art locker and pulled out his apron and put it on. He rumaged through his backpack and pulled out his CD case, then put his backpack into his locker and closed it. He walked over to the cd player in the corner and flipped through his CDs, finally selecting Jekyll and Hyde, and popped it in.

*In each of us, there are two natures. If this primative duality of man -good and evil - can be housed in two separate. . .*

He went over to the pottery wheel and pulled out a lump of clay and stared at it, not sure what to make. Knowing that no one else was in the room, he started singing, absentmindedly, unaware of the bad notes he'd occasionally hit.
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