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McClardy ~ Dukes

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. McClardy announce
the engagement of their daughter, Jennifer Era,
to Frederick Dukes, the son of James and Nancy
Dukes of Ballinger, Texas.

The bride-elect is a graduate of Bayville High School.
She is a pharmacy assistant at Randy's Drug Store in Bayville.

The prospective groom is a senior at Bayville High School.
He is a construction worker with Simon
Valley Construction in Bayville.

The couple plan to be wed May 23, 2004, at the County
Courthouse in Bayville.

Hey everybody! Let me introduce the Bayville Times - a sort of experiment of mine. ^^ I figure, it's a good way to make news posts. At the same time, if anybody wants to submit classifieds, letters to the editor, a comic strip, articles about local events, announcements, lost and found, etc, etc, feel free to e-mail them to me at . Please put "Bayville Times" in the subject heading. This is mostly just for fun, but it will be an important source for News updates regarding the mutant situation.

I'll only be posting the major news to Bayville from now on - Freddy's wedding announcement was just for kicks. If you wish to "subscribe" to the Bayville times for all the extra stuff, just add it to your friends list. It's not necessary to do, of course, but I think it'll be cute.

Anyway, have fun guys! ^^

~ Mouse
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