Bobby Drake (evodrake) wrote in bayville,
Bobby Drake

A Day in the Big City

Bobby parked his bike at the train station and walked up to the counter, where he got a ticket to NYC. Ah. The Big Apple. Plenty of action there. Lots of tourists to annoy . . . cute boys in the Village (even if you DID have to deal with the occasional dirty old man) . . . great knockoff shops in Chinatown. He had been tempted to just . . . borrow . . . Logan's bike for the day, but he didn't want to get on Mr. Claws' bad side, again. He also couldn't find the keys to the jeep. Not to mention it was also broad daylight and the cops might notice a 15 year old boy driving into the city.

As the train pulled out of the station, Bobby sighed and stared out the window, looking at Bayville as it rushed by. For a moment, he wished someone else was there. Preferably someone strong. . . with big arms to hold him . . . and firm lips. And maybe eyes that shot out laser beams. You never know. Happens all the time, right? He put in a CD that Matt had burned for him, and pressed play. After a few seconds he gave the CD player a look, bit his lip as he changed CD's. It's like Matt was an entirely other world that was fading away. He found a CD that he hadn't seen in a long time and put it in. Even though it ended up being the Air Force Band playing syphonic music, that he stole from his dad, it fit his mood. He relaxed into the seat.

The train pulled into Grand Central Station, and Bobby ran out. The ceiling was always his favorite thing to see right when he got off the train. After standing in the main hall way for about 5 minutes, looking up, he scuffled off to the subway. He glared at the woman in the booth, even though he knew that it wasn't her fault that the fair had been raised and that you could no longer use tokens. He waited on the platform for the familar breath of stale air that signalled the arrival of the train. He kinda hoped that he could have all day to himself, but at the same time wouldn't have minded seeing a familiar face.

The train sped on into the dark.

Bobby curled up in a chair at the famed coffee joint, and put his cup on the table, so it could cool down. In the mean time, he had a trashy magazine full of ads with gorgeous half naked boys to fawn over. Ah, today was gonna be a good day.
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